Selecting an appropriate labelling and badging product is important to ensure that your product remains both functional and attractive throughout its operating life.

The products outlined below are designed for hostile industrial environments as well as having the aesthetic characteristics required within the current market place



Anodised nameplates ensure a permanent imagewhich is chemically sealed within the anodic pores of the aluminium. The anodic film is diamond hard, ensuring that the nameplates are resistant to scratching, abrasion, and solvents. These nameplates are ideal for hostile environments and applications such as machinery plates, food service, and various industrial marking

Options include: Rounded corners, holes, serial numbering, and adhesive backed .

Nameplates can no be manufactured in small quantities and 'one offs' using the permanant metal photo system. These can be finished with holes and cutouts using our CNC machinery.


Our badging or 'doming' protects and enshances your products by sealing your image beneath acrystal clear flexible urethane coating.

Unlike promotional grade coatings, our badges will not yellow with age, and are highly resistant to UV abrasion, and impact.

There qualities ensure that the badge is suitable for use in a variety of different operating environments, particularly where a modern and durable switch is required.

Ideal for use on : communications equipment, industrial machinery, consumer products, and office equipment



We manufacture a range of durable labels in a variety of materials such as aluminium foils, vinyls, and reverse printed polycarbonates.

Labels can be diecut to size in any shape

In-Mould Decoration (IMD)

IMD is used extensively in the automotive and comunications market to apply long lasting images to 3 dimensional shapes.

In this process a formed decal is inserted into an injection moulding machine and becomes integratedm permanently with the moulded part.

Markit Graphics is one of the few companies to possess both the expertise and equipment to manufacture IMD products.

IMD allows you to escape conventional design constraints and open your products to exciting new markets and applications.

IMD allows the integration of various components with savings in assembly and manufacturing costs.

IMD allows text and decorative finishes to be placed on the "second" surface where they are protected from wear and tear.

The total number of components and inventories can be reduced.